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Message to Home Buyers

Portland Oregon Metro's Home Inspection Firm

One of the most important moments in your life is the purchase of a home. It is a decision that demands your emotions, demands your time and demands your financial involvement. NHI would like the opportunity to ease your concerns and make sure that your time is for leisure and your finances are secure.


What you can’t see, or don’t understand… can hurt you…

Buyers that forego the services of a professionally trained, certified and insured home inspector can be asking for problems down the road… even tomorrow.

Instead of solving serious problems, like a possible termite infestation in the crawl space, prior to the purchase of a home, there are still some buyers that that forego the home inspection process only to be left with the possibility of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of repairs and wasted time that could be solved at the time of the transaction.

"But My House is New..."

“But, my house was built just last year,” someone says. “Why a home inspection?” It may surprise you, but homes that were built “just last year” can have as many problems—sometimes more—than houses built two or three decades ago.

Whether it be pools of water flowing into the crawl space from plumbing that was accidentally not hooked up, electrical panels that pose a fire hazard, or conditions that are conducive to wood destroying organisms (like carpenter ants, or mold), we have seen it all.

The professional inspectors at NHI are here to serve as a “conduit for educated real estate purchases”. Whether your house a year old, or a hundred years old, call us and we will offer you buying power, save you time and money, and offer you the peace of mind that only an NHI Inspection can.

What You Get with an NHI Home Inspection


Prices are based on a number of things (square footage, location, etc. etc.), which we need to give you an accurate price quote. Please give us a call or use our online scheduling system to get an accurate price.

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Address: PO Box 55532, Portland, OR 97238


(503) 502.1495

Board Certified Master Inspector
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