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Inspection Services
For Home Owners
When was the last time you were in your crawl space or your attic?
Did you know that problems like leaky plumbing can happen at any time and you may not know about it for weeks, months or even years?
Leaky plumbing can cause wood decay and can attract certain types of wood destroying insects, such as Dampwood Termites and Moisture Ants!
Of course, the “crawl space” is only one area of a home inspection, and “leaky plumbing” is only one example of the dozens of things that can go wrong in it.
The reality is that a home changes, wares down, gets old, needs maintenance…
As a home owner you are likely aware of this already, but did you know that having a home inspector inspect your property on a semi-regular basis (say, every 1-2 years) can save you thousands of dollars, not to mention time and hassle? 
Having a “maintenance inspection” performed on the home that you own is a smart move and it is becoming quite the trend! Homeowners across the Country are beginning to realize that the couple hundred dollars that they spend on having a home inspector check out the house every year or two can save them a lot of money, and a good home inspection report that has itemized findings can provide you with the best “honey-do list” you have ever seen.

What You Get with an NHI Home Inspection


  • First off, you are going to get a response.  Some home inspectors rely on answering machines, answering services, or secretaries.  This annoys us as much as it annoys you.  When you call us you will get an answer and it will be a home inspector.
  • Full home inspection, exceeding the Standards of both Oregon and Washington, which typically lasts 2-3 hours.
  • 17-30 page (average), full color and computer generated report featuring Palm-Tech technology that includes digital pictures where necessary.
  • Reports printed and/or emailed on site unless requested to do otherwise.  We give you the choice, unlike most home inspection firms.
  • Exceptional customer service, clear communication, professionally minded home inspectors at your service before, during and after the home inspection process.



Prices are based on a number of things (square footage, location, etc. etc.), which we need to give you an accurate price quote.  Please give us a call or use our online scheduling system to get an accurate price.


A Message to Price Shoppers


As noted above, our prices are competitively based and are likely to be in the middle range.  We believe the services we offer you are simply the best and our high demand and volume allows us to offer medium range prices (the law of economics).  However, there are some who are in a pinch.  That is fine… and completely understandable. 


If you really want our services, we take that as a compliment, and we are not going to let pricing get in the way of that. 


If you truly want us to perform your home inspection, we will beat or mach any price that you can obtain from a comparable home inspector or home inspection firm.  Please see our qualifications on the home page of this site and on the professional information page.  Just let us know exactly who gave you the price, what the price was, and we will work with you! 


It’s that simple.


For Your Education


We our in the business of “information”—we provide our clients with good, accessible and understandable information.  We believe our website should be analogous to the information you will receive at your home inspection.  Please fee free to paruse our website to find more information you need to make an “educated real estate transaction”.


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Contact Information


Cell/Direct: 503.502.1495

Toll Free: 1.866.284.3151

Washington: 360.907.9648


Email: info@portlandoregonhomeinspection.com


Address: PO Box 55532, Portland, OR 97238


(503) 502.1495

Board Certified Master Inspector
CCB 172294/OCHI 1173

Licensed - Insured - Bonded