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Seller’s Inspections

Pre-Listing Home Inspections


Why Would a Seller Have an Inspection Before Listing?


With over 80% of homes being sold with contractual contingencies requiring a home inspection, it is incumbent upon the seller to involve the professional help of an NHI inspector!


The popularity of pre-listing inspections has grown in the last many years, and for good reason.


Consider the article that appeared on January 13, 2006 in the USA Today, titled “Seller Paying for Home Inspection”:

“Now that the lift is starting to dissipate from the real estate bubble, home sellers are turning to new strategies to sell quickly and at the right price. Thus the boomlet in homeowners hiring inspectors before they put their homes on the market,” the article said.

Why the sudden surge?

“The major motivation is to head off demands for costly price reductions from buyers. It’s cheaper to fix it than to negotiate the price down…”

Does it help the homes sell? 


Liz Moore, a realtor/broker in Newport News, Virginia says that “It’s fair to say that [pre-listing home inspections are] the reason our listings sell 30% faster than the market average,” and that inspected houses “consistently sell for a few thousand dollars more.”


What you can’t see, or don’t understand… can hurt you…


When you decide to sell your home you need to know what things may be brought to the table when a home inspection is inevitably done for the buyer.


Besides the obvious fact that most home owners don’t venture into crawl spaces or attics, and probably wouldn’t know what to look for if they did, serious problems may be present in your home that you are unaware of… Problems that may take your time and your money when a potential buyer comes along and their home inspector finds them.


Find and solve the problems before hand!


Save your time, save your money and do what you can to make sure that the sale of your home goes through smoothly!


Have a NHI Inspection performed before you list your house!


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A Message About Seller’s Inspections from Nick Gromicko

Founder of InterNACHI – The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors


“Seller inspections (sometimes referred to as pre-listing inspections) are becoming more popular because they virtually eliminate all the pitfalls and hassles associated with waiting to do the inspections until a buyer is found.  In many ways, waiting to schedule inspections until after a home goes under agreement, is too late.  Seller inspections are arranged and paid for by the seller, usually just before the home goes on the market.  The seller is the inspector's client.  The inspector works for the seller and generates a report for the seller.  The seller then typically makes multiple copies of the report and shares them with potential buyers that tour the home for sale.  Seller inspections are a benefit to all parties in a real estate transaction.  They are a win-win-win-win.”


Advantages of Having a Pre-Listing Inspection

Common Myths About Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspections


Q.  Don't seller inspections kill deals by forcing sellers to disclose defects they otherwise wouldn't have known about?

A.  Any defect that is material enough to kill a real estate transaction is likely going to be uncovered eventually anyway.  It is best to discover the problem ahead of time, before it can kill the deal.


Q.  Isn't a home inspector's liability increased by having his/her reports be seen by potential buyers?

A.  No.  There is no liability in having your seller permit someone who doesn't buy the property see your report.  And there is less liability in having a buyer rely on your old report when the buyer is not your client and has been warned not to rely on your report, than it is to work directly for the buyer and have him be entitled to rely on your report.


Q.  Don't seller inspections take too much energy to sell to make them profitable for the inspector?

A.  Perhaps.  But not when the inspector takes into account the marketing benefit of having a samples of his/her product (the report) being passed out to agents and potential buyers who are looking to buy now in the inspector's own local market, not to mention the seller who is likely moving locally and in need of an inspector, plus the additional chance of re-inspection work being generated for the inspector.


Q.  A newer home in good condition doesn't need an inspection anyway.  Why should the seller have one done?

A.  Unlike real estate agents whose job it is to market properties for their sellers, inspectors produce objective reports.  If the property is truly in great shape the inspection report becomes a pseudo marketing piece with the added benefit of having been generated by an impartial party. 


Q.  Don't seller inspections and re-inspections reduce the number of buyer inspections needed in the marketplace?

A.  No.  Although every inspection job a InterNACHI member catches upstream is one his/her competitors might not get, especially if the buyer waives his/her inspection and/or the seller hires the same inspector to inspect the home he/she is buying, the number of inspections performed by the industry as a whole is increased by seller inspections.


Further Information About Pre-Listing Home Inspections


What You Get with an NHI Home Inspection




Prices are based on a number of things (square footage, location, etc. etc.), which we need to give you an accurate price quote.  Please give us a call or use our online scheduling system to get an accurate price.


A Message to Price Shoppers


As noted above, our prices are competitively based and are likely to be in the middle range.  We believe the services we offer you are simply the best and our high demand and volume allows us to offer medium range prices (the law of economics).  However, there are some who are in a pinch.  That is fine… and completely understandable. 


If you really want our services, we take that as a compliment, and we are not going to let pricing get in the way of that. 


If you truly want us to perform your home inspection, we will beat or mach any price that you can obtain from a comparable home inspector or home inspection firm.  Please see our qualifications on the home page of this site and on the professional information page.  Just let us know exactly who gave you the price, what the price was, and we will work with you! 


It’s that simple.


For Your Education


We our in the business of “information”—we provide our clients with good, accessible and understandable information.  We believe our website should be analogous to the information you will receive at your home inspection.  Please fee free to paruse our website to find more information you need to make an “educated real estate transaction”.


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