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Over the last 10+ years our clients have happily pushed us to continually expand our coverage area and our services.  What started as a very small, locally owned home inspection firm that offered residential home inspections in the surrounding Portland Metro area has now blossomed into a notable, full time, multi-inspector firm that has performed over 10,000 collective home inspections, covers over 13 counties in both Oregon and Washington, and offers a very wide range of inspection services.  While we firmly believe that the foundation of our success is in Residential Home Inspections, we are proud to have been lead by our clients and referral sources to offer you a whole lot more! 

Below you will find a list of our inspection services with some short detail explaining each.  You will also note that each section has a space for MORE.  Click that and you will be quickly taken away to the page of your choice where we explain our services in more depth. 

We very much look forward to working with you and helping you with your inspection needs!

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Click on the one you wish, or scroll down the page for some short information on each…

Residential Home Inspection for Buyer

The “standard old home inspection”, for the purchaser of a new home.  You will be pleased with our services starting from the very moment you give us a call or email us: we will answer the phone, and you will talk to an experienced home inspector: not a receptionist.  Your inspection will be promptly scheduled, and you will love our 17-30 page (average), full color and computer generated inspection reports that are printed and/or emailed from site (unless otherwise desired), which include digital pictures where necessary.  “Communication” is big with us, and you will certainly be pleased with our clear communication and professionalism…  (MORE)

Residential Home Inspection for Seller

Also called a “pre-listing” or “seller’s inspection”, this inspection service has grown in popularity over the last 10 years, with many notable articles appearing in newspapers of such stature as the USA Today.  When selling your home, the last thing that you want is for a buyer to walk away after they hire an independent home inspector.  Why take the risk?  Our many satisfied clients and those of other professional home inspectors can attest to this: seller’s who have a pre-listing inspection performed on their home are pretty happy when their home sells with the first buyer!  As such, the question isn’t whether you should or can afford to have a pre-listing inspection.  Rather, the question is whether you can really afford not to… (MORE)

Residential Home Inspection for Home Owner

Some home owners are pretty serious about their home: likely their greatest financial investment.  These savvy home owners are have been asking professional home inspection firms to inspect their home on a semi-regular basis (likely every 2 years) to check for problems as they occur so that they can be addressed while they are still “minor issues”.  Been in your crawl space lately?  Likely not… so you would have no idea if water has been leaking into the area under your house.  Ask the home owners of a 10 year old house we inspected in the Gorge recently about the fact that over 17 of their posts needed to be replaced because water was in the crawl space and decayed the posts.  The buyer’s walked away from the home for a major problem on newer home that could have been avoided.  Be savvy… have a regular inspection on your home… (MORE)

Commercial Building Inspections

As a multi-inspector firm that has ties to a wide range of contractors and specialty inspectors makes NHI the firm you want to contact for your Commercial Building Inspection needs in the Portland, OR metro area or anywhere in the Pacific NW!  (MORE)

“Pest and Dry Rot Inspections”

Did you know that Home Inspectors in Oregon are not only not required to perform a “pest and dry rot inspection” with their Home Inspection, but Oregon Standards of Practice specifically states the following: “Oregon certified home inspectors are not required to report on…the presence or absence of pest such as wood destroying organisms… or insects” (Oregon Standards of Practice, 812-008-0204 – General Exclusions, emphasis added).  This is a gross failure on the part of the State of Oregon to protect consumers and their homes.  Not only do NHI’s professional home inspectors include NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect inspections with their home inspection at no additional charge, but we are fully educated and licensed to perform such services and have performed over 10,000 such inspections collectively in our career!  Whether your inspection is in Oregon or Washington, NHI is the right Inspection Firm for your “pest and dry rot inspection” needs.  (MORE)

New Construction Phase Inspection – For Buyer or Lender

A standard residential home inspection can certainly be performed on a new home, but perhaps you have already purchased a home that is in construction or is going to be and would like to contract our Phase Inspection services.  This service, provided for both lenders and home buyers, allows you to see all phases of the construction process and it enables you to catch problems that may go unseen once the house is completed and the walls are closed up...  (MORE)

New Construction Phase Inspection – For Builder

If you are a builder and are in need of an independent, educated and prompt inspection firm that can handle phase inspections on single homes or entire sub-divisions, you have come to the right place.  We have performed dozens of phase inspections as an unbiased party for builders who are serious about oversight.  We report directly to you, and are your “eyes on the ground” for all phases of the project.  Whether your project is one single-family home, an apartment building, or larger scale multi-family construction (such as Condo’s or Townhouses), we are the Inspection Firm you need...  (MORE)

Construction Draw Inspections – For Lenders

NHI has been performing Construction Draw Inspections since the mid and later 1990’s.  Lenders have long sought us out for our prompt services, convenient reporting supplied by email almost instantly after the inspection and our willingness to adapt our services and reporting systems to their needs...  (MORE)

Lender Required Inspections

If you are a lender and are in need of prompt inspection for a refinance, etc. you have come to the right place.  Whether it is a “pest and dry rot inspection”, or a check of the foundation, roof, siding, we have seen it all and done it all.  Lenders have long sough us out for our prompt services, convenient reporting supplied by email almost instantly after the inspection and our willingness to adapt our services and reporting systems to their needs...  (MORE)

Energy Audit Testing/Inspections

The Oregon and the Pacific NW is well known for its sensitivities to the environment.  Research and advancements in science have enabled us to realize our affect in the environment, but it has also provided us with the steps we can take to minimize our negative affect.  Oregonians and citizens of the Pacific NW are leading the US in reducing our consumption of energy, and NHI is a proud to help.  An Energy Audit, using state-of-the-art Blower Door testing and Thermography (Thermal Imaging), is able to help educate you on the energy loss of your home, showing signs of weakness in the building envelope, and steps you can take to increase energy efficiency.  More, and Energy Audit performed by NHI’s inspection professionals can SAVE YOU MONEY!  How?  Keep reading… (MORE)

Green Certified Inspections – For Sellers/Buyers/Home Owners

Besides and Energy Audit (or in combination with it), NHI is happy to offer the environmentally sensitive community in the Pacific NW Green Certified Inspections… (MORE)

Specific Inspection Services

If your needs are a little more specific and don’t need a full home inspection, we can help!  We are happy to perform specific inspections on items or areas such as the crawl space, the attic, the roof, the siding, electrical, plumbing, foundations, etc...  (MORE)

Radon Testing

Did you know that the EPA – The Environmental Protection Agency considers the Portland Metro area a moderate to high risk for radon?  Multnomah, Washington, Yamhill, Columbia, Hood River, Clatsop and Wasco Counties in Oregon are just a few of the areas that the EPA lists as a moderate threat for radon exposure.  In Washington, Clark and Skamania Counties are listed in the “red zone”, which is the highest rating that the EPA gives.  NHI’s professional and state-of-the-art radon testing equipment and services will provide you with immediate results at the end of the test.  More, they will not hold up a real estate transaction...  (MORE)

Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermographic Scanning)

Some inspection situations may call for more advanced services.  Thermal Imaging or Thermographic Scanning is a technologically advanced, non-destructive way to find problems that simply can not be see using normal home inspection techniques.  Whether it is moisture instruction, missing insulation, energy loss, electrical defects or a host of other examples, NHI’s Thermal Imaging services can be the little extra that you want and, perhaps, need for your residential or commercial inspection...  (MORE)

Reinspection Services

Many clients are serious about their investments and ask us to return to the home to check and see if work requested to be completed by the seller is actually completed.  And for good reason: we find that items requested by the buyer to be completed by the seller are rarely done...  (MORE)

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