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Wood Destroying

Organism Inspections

Pest and Dry Rot Inspections”

In NW Oregon and SW Washington


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All Oregon and Washington Home Inspections Include a FREE “Pest and Dry Rot Inspection” with their home inspection!


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Different States, Different Laws and Practices


Sometimes called “pest and dry rot inspections”, “termite inspections”, “structural pest inspections”, or “wood destroying insect inspections”, NHI performs these services in both Oregon and Washington, and includes them in every home inspection.


The laws (or lack thereof) are different in Oregon as compared to Washington.  Below you will find out information about what you will receive in the inspection process, depending on your State.


OregonPest and Dry Rot Inspections”


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Unlike Washington State, Oregon does not strictly regulate this process.  In fact, a home inspection, performed in strict accord with the Standards of Practice of the Oregon Construction Contractors board, does not have to include an inspection for, or reporting on, wood destroying insects!

“Oregon certified home inspectors are not required to report on…the presence or absence of pests such as wood damaging organisms… or insects” (Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors, 818-008-0204, section 1.g). 

An Oregon Inspector Could “see” Termites and Not Mention It—Legally…


This means that you could hire a home inspector who not only doesn’t include a “pest and dry rot inspection”, but could even see wood destroying insects, such as Carpenter Ants or Termites, and not mention it.  If you found out that there were Wood Destroying Insects in your home and knew that the home inspector had seen them, you would have no recourse. 


This is completely ridiculous… 


Having held licenses to perform Complete Wood Destroying Organism Inspections in Washington State for over 10 years, we have performed thousands of “pest and dry rot inspections”, and include them in every home inspection we perform in Portland or anywhere in Oregon.


What You Get With Your Oregon Home Inspection


Besides your professional home inspection and home inspection report, you will automatically receive a NPMA-33 (National Pest Management Association) Wood Destroying Insect Inspection and Report.  This inspection looks for and comments on wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, etc.  In Oregon, our home inspection report itself includes comments on Wood Decay or “Rot”.


Fee for OregonPest and Dry Rot Inspections”/NPMA-33’s—FREE!


We include these inspections and reports with our home inspections at no additional fee.  There is a fee, however, if the service is performed separate from a standard Oregon Home Inspection.


Ask Your Oregon Home Inspector…


Ask your potential Home Inspector:

“are you trained as a Structural Pest Inspector, are you legally able to perform these services, and do you include these inspections along with your home inspection at no additional charge”? 

If your potential home inspector doesn’t include this service, you may find that his/her prices are the same or higher than ours, yet we are including more services in our Home Inspection!  You are essentially getting two inspections and two reports for the price of one!!*


WashingtonPest and Dry Rot Inspections”


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Washington State has long regulated the process of a “pest and dry rot inspection”.  In short, the State of Washington requires that anyone who comments on the presence of wood decay (“rot”, “fungi”, etc.), wood destroying insects, or conditions that are conducive to them, be licensed as Structural Pest Inspectors with the Washington State Department of Agriculture. 


These inspectors have to offer their clients a “Complete Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report”, which can either be on a separate document, such as the one supplied by the Washington State Pest Management Association, or it can be fused, for instance, into the home inspection report itself.


Every home inspection in Washington State performed by NHI includes a Complete Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report at no additional fee.


Further, some lenders specifically require a NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report.  While this is redundant (as comments about wood destroying insects are already included in the process governed by the State of Washington), we are happy to also supply you with a NPMA-33 report. 


NHI is happy to have three licensed Washington State Department of Agriculture licensed Structural Pest Inspectors on staff.


Lender Required Structural Pest Inspections


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We have performed literally hundreds of “pest and dry rot inspections” or NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspections over the years, which were required by their lenders or the underwriter.  If you are a lender, you have found the right spot.  In fact, go a head and book mark our entire website!  The report will be emailed to you immediately following the inspection process!  If you need professional and prompt service for your clients in Portland, NW Oregon, SW Washington, Vancouver, or anywhere in the area, we are happy to help.  Close the loan, get the deal done, hire us!  Click Here to Schedule!


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*NOTE: The Washington State Department of Agriculture has two designations: Structural Pest Inspector and Pest Control Applicator.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture only has one: Pest Control Applicator.  One could choose to be licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture as a Pest Control Applicator, but this is not necessary in the State of Oregon.  As manual, “Pesticide Licensing in Oregon, with Pesticide Laws and Rules” (Oregon Department of Agriculture) states, one does not need to be licensed if “performing structural pest inspections for individuals buying or selling a home”, and “the State of Oregon only makes you have this license if you apply pesticides.”  In essence, one could not be trained to offer this service, but offer it to you anyway.  NHI, having been licensed as Structural Pest Inspectors up in Washington for over 10 years, is more than qualified to offer you a professional “pest and dry rot inspection” with your home inspection for FREE!  In fact, given the fact that Washington State mandates this (essentially) for home inspections, and the fact that NHI has performed over 9000 of these inspections along with their home inspections for over 10 years, you will be hard pressed to find any Oregon licensed home inspector who is more qualified than we are as Structural Pest Inspectors.


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