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NHI and Professional Inspection Services

Let's face it: referring a new inspector can be a dauting endeavor.  If we were Realtors, we would be just as timid in giving a new inspector a try... we know that it can be a "toss up": "who is this inspector?", "are they going to work well with my clients?", "are they doing to drive up in a dumpy truck?", "is their complete lack of social skills and communication ability going to freak my client out?", etc.

Trust me... we know as many or more home inspectors as you do... and some of them freak us out too...

Why Try NHI

We believe that we stand out and our services will not only please your client, but will reflect well on the person that referred us: you.

Let's get the easy stuff out of the way: we produce full-color, computer generated reports with digital pictures, that can be printed on site, emailed from site, both, or emailed later (tell us what you want!); our services combine thoroghness and timeliness (you are busy, so is your client... do you really need to be a house for an average of 3-4 hours??); we are fully trained and licensed as Structural Pest Inspectors and include an NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report with all of our home inspections in Oregon at no extra fee (WA inspections include a WSDA Complete Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report); we are competitively priced. 

Great... nothing new... the same as everybody else.  Right?

Communication is the Key

While offering clients and their Realtors the option of having the report printed on site or emailed later is great, and combining a complete inspection with a timely one is helpful, we believe the things which make NHI stand out is our excellent communication ability and social skills; we communicate clearly and work well with people. 

Home Inspectors may, by default, make problem items on a home appear worse than they really are simply because of their inability to communicate clearly, by not bringing enthusiasm to the house that your client wants to purchase, and by an overall lack of social skills and professionalism.

We believe that the purpose of the home inspection process is to "educate" your client; not willingly or unwillingly confuse or frighten people.

Pointing out this empiracle fact in no way entails our desire to "sugarcoat issues".  But I have seen, and I am sure that you have seen, inspectors draw a "cloud of darkness" over the real estate transaction by their utter lack of communication ability: it is almost as if their communication breakdown is worse than some of the problems they may find on the home.  Do problems exist which may lead the buyer to back out of a deal?  Sure.  But the reality is that sometimes the inspector is the "problem".

Am I right?  I think so...

The over 350 realtors, brokers, lenders and other professionals who refer our services regularly (many for over a decade!) can back us up.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It: Take the Words of Your Colleagues

Perhaps you think that I am over exaggerating... please see what your own colleagues are saying...

Call them... email them... ask them more!  They would be happy to offer you a bit more insight into the services we provide.

We are sure that your client and you will love what we have to offer.

Testimonials from Satisfied Realtors/Brokers

"Having referred my clients to NHI for a while now, I have come to appreciate their personal commitment to serving the client.  Tehir service is both thorough and prompt, they work well with buyers, and bring enthusiasm to hte home inspection process and the transaction.  I am happy to recommend NHI to you: your clients will be very pleased, as will you."  - John Stallberger - Keller Williams Realty (360.901.2277)

"Absolutely fantastic!  THE BEST INSPECTORS YOU CAN USE!  NHI consistently goes the extra mile!  Always putting their client's interest first.  Everything you look for: detail oriented, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.  And they are FAST!" - Kristen Riggs, Mal and Seitz Real Estate (503.267.2013)

"I use NHI for most of my transactions.  No only because they are licensed on both sides of the Columbia River, which is great for my business, but because I know when I call them that I am going to get the very best inspection out there.  Their attention to detail is what sets them apart.  They work with me on tight timelines and are always a pleasure to deal with.  They take the extra time with my first time home buyers to show them where the important aspects of the house are and make them feel comfortable asking questions throughout the inspection.  I would recommend NHI to any agent wanting a high quality inspection at an affordable price." - Debby Calhoun, Safe Harbor Real Estate (503.467.9700)

"I have used NHI since I began my real estate career 7 years ago.  They came highly recommended from an experienced real estate veteran in my office  I have tried other inspectors just to get a feel for the industry, but NHI is hands-down one of the best.  They are thorough, have excellent customer service, and take as much time as needed to educate the homebuyers about anything that comes up in the inspection.  The inspections are printed off at the home, so you have them immediately.  They also provide suggestions on people to call, low-cost alernatives to repair, and more.  I would highly recommend NHI to anyone, and have u sed them for my personal residence as well." - Amy Asivido, Keller Williams Realty (360.907.1073)

"As a real estate professional, I always surrround  myself with other professional people and that is why I recommend NHI to all my clients.  THey are always accomodating to your scheduling needs.  With all the short sale properties, they play a proactive role in your inspection by ensuring you have all the utilities on when they arrive.  With the report printed on site, they go over it with the client on the spot and can easily point out any issues.  The report is emailed to you directly; no jumping through hopps to find the report on some website.  With the report in hand, repair addendums can be written right away or there is plenty of time to bring in a specialist of needed.  They are a great resource for specialists if you need them.  NHI helps make theis part of the transaction smooth and reassuring for both you and your client." - Janis Hagel, Keller Williams (OR) / Trio Realty (WA), (503.330.8572)

"The guys at NHI do a great job of explaining to my clients the items they put on the inspection report.  Many home buyers may have never seen a home inspection report before, and so to have the professional who inspected their home take the extra time to explain each item in the proper context is very helpful." - Terry Zaddack, Remax Equity Group

*   *   *

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have referred our services to your clients for over 10 years now!  We truly appreciate your continued trust, your invested interest in our mutual clients, and your help in making our job a little easier.  You are wonderful!

*   *   *

*   *   *

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